I Never Knew You. Depart From Me, You Evildoers

Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 7:21-29 can be a real awakening for people like me. I have felt this calling to write everyday about the daily scripture readings. I then share what I think or maybe something in my life that relates to what the passage is saying to me. When people who think they are following Jesus by prophesying, driving out demons and doing mighty deeds in the name of Jesus hear Him say, “I Never Knew You. Depart From Me, You Evildoers“, that is a wake-up call.

Why would He say that to them? He clarifies it by saying that only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven will enter the Kingdom of heaven. My understanding is that we can use God’s name to bring us glory, to make others think we are pious and walk this life as if we are something special.

Jesus talks about listening to His Words but also to act on them. Are we wise and build our house on solid rock or are we fools and build our house on sand? Jesus’ Words are truth. He is truth. I cannot have my truth and you have your truth. There is only one truth. It seems like there will be plenty of wise people in heaven and plenty of fools in hell. This world has so much division in it and even though we know that our Lord is a merciful God, we have to listen, act, repent and be willing to accept His mercy.

Let us all wake up and unite ourselves in the truth of Jesus Christ. I, as one who claims to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, I cannot imagine facing Jesus on the day of judgment and hearing these words, “I Never Knew You. Depart From Me, You Evildoers.” While there is still, by the grace of God, breath in each of us, let us ask the Holy Spirit that our hearts may be open to the Word of God, open to good and open to the beauty of God everyday. Lord, have mercy on me a sinner. Amen.

I Never Knew You. Depart From Me, You Evildoers

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