Praise the Lord for the Lord is good!

Psalm 135’s Responsorial today tells us that the Lord is GOOD! On this day of Independence celebrations throughout the United States, I am very thankful to live in this country that has given me freedom to live the good life the Lord has given to me and my family.

I start always as the Psalm response says to give Praise to our Lord. God gives us freedom also to choose Him and His ways or not. Our country though in my humble opinion, has often forgot about the ways of God. In loving God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength, we are also called to love our neighbors as ourselves. Many of my neighbors though, along with leaders in this beautiful country, have forgotten this and the Golden Rule to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I am guilty also, filled with selfishness and sometimes an attitude of what’s in it for me. Ranting about this country’s demise brings no help to a solution as I am reminded that the plank in my eye is much larger than the speck in my neighbor’s eyes. God is in charge, He will always be in charge and He will bring all things He permits to a greater good. We may just have to suffer the pains of fighting God’s will and doing it our way.

So even though I believe that we as a country are on a downward spiral away from God, I am so very blessed, even the sinner I am. I have been blessed with a roof over my head, a job, food, clothing, peace of mind, relatively good health, a beautiful family and freedom to live my life with countless blessings from God. I praise and thank Him for all the women and men who have served and serve this country to provide the freedom I enjoy. I thank God for the countless number of veterans that have given their lives so that I can share the joys and disappointments in my life. I pray for God’s mercy on all who have died serving in our military. Praise the Lord for the Lord is good!

Praise the Lord for the Lord is good!

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