Today, my wife and I have been married 42 years. I would love to say we are celebrating 42 years but that would not be accurate. By me, in the beginning of our marriage, not having a relationship with God, being and adulterer 10 years into my marriage, lying and being self-centered has tarnished much of my marriage. As a convert to my faith at the age of 33, I continue my journey daily with Jesus, picking up the cross of the marriage pains I have caused and pray each day for peace for my beloved wife who has endured so much pain.

I now understand more fully the Sacrament/Covenant of marriage. I understand the powers of the world and the evil forces that are attacking marriages and family. But more than anything that I could possibly share that I believe would be helpful to any couple is that one’s chances of being happily married without God as the center of one’s relationship is impossible. All things are possible with God. We as husbands and wives must love God more than we love each other. His love and grace in return is our gift from Him for a loving and Sacramental marriage.


2 thoughts on “42

  1. Well said! 🙂 Hubby said a harsh few words the other day. All I could do was cry. But then I remembered all the evil names that Christ has been called. I finally understand the pain the Lord suffered when he felt alone. He said to our 7 week old, “If I had to choose between you and your mother, I’d choose you.” I’m blessed to have a husband who loves his daughters dearly but I was struck in the heart. How can I over come this? I love my daughters too, but husband and I are meant to be one. I prayed. Change me oh Lord.
    Happy 42 years! We are celebrating 5 years on Friday!

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    1. Congratulations on 5 years! Oh how I wish I had the wisdom to know how best to handle your pain, suffering and desire to be one with your husband. God does know and I am confident He hears your compassionate prayer. I pray for your peace and especially for your husband, whose words can hurt the one who loves him the most. God bless you!


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