Vacation Blessing


Today begins the first day of my short vacation. I am blessed. I spent a time in an empty church as a wedding was going on in our chapel and then I spent time in the chapel before the Blessed Sacrament. To most, I get it! This is not how a vacation would be spent but for me, it is a perfect beginning.

My friends and especially those on Facebook, display great pictures of their travels and fun with their families and friends. It’s so awesome to see their enjoyment from their great experiences. I have been there and also enjoyed my times on past vacations but today, where God has taken me in life, I feel more blessed to spend it with Him in prayer, actually praying for you reading this and all the people in my life for God’s great blessings upon you.

Before God today, I scrolled Facebook posts and prayed for so much from our World, our president, our nations leaders, those who have died, for healing, for animals and whatever request I might find. I trust in the Lord and believe that He will answer all of my prayers, maybe not in the ways we might expect, but in the ways for our own good and the common good of all.

Today’s scripture reading from Exodus 20:1-17 gives us the 10 Commandments. I read one commentary today that mentioned they have become more like the 10 Suggestions as so many people tend to ignore them today. In the Gospel from Matthew 13:18-23, we hear the explanation of the Parable of the Sower. We all need to have good soil to be able to allow the Word of God to grow in us.

So day one of vacation was a great success. I tried being a real good hubby tonight by bringing dinner home to my wife who worked all day. Thanks be to God for all of His blessings. May we all enjoy His peace to begin our weekend! Amen.

Vacation Blessing

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