Perseverance & Faith

Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 17:14-20 tells us that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed that nothing will be impossible for us. When I think about that, it is pretty hard for me to believe. And then when I think about that, it tells me that I do not even have faith the size of a tiny mustard seed.

Faith for me is a process. It is perseverance in daily prayer with Jesus. It is growing each day to know Jesus more deeply. I need to get old obstacles out of my mind that try to block my view of Jesus,  who is my Lord and Savior that loves me more than I am capable of understanding. Why Jesus would ever want a relationship with a sinful man like me I cannot fully understand but I know He does by faith!

I spent a day with my family celebrating my nephew’s graduation from College. He is a great example of perseverance. He has spent 15 years in college to earn his business degree. I am very proud of his perseverance. Today, I celebrated that perseverance and believe it or not, his reward is becoming the CEO of a very successful company he has been working for while pursuing his degree. It is not often that one gets an opportunity like that but he has paid his dues, especially the demands of his family who own the company.

Our God is good! I will continue to persevere in prayer and pray for an increase of faith daily. By the grace of God, when I face my Lord at my particular judgment, I hope I will not hear “Oh ye of little faith” but instead, “well done my good and faithful servant.”

Have a blessed evening and a beautiful Day of the Lord tomorrow!

Perseverance & Faith

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