What is your opinion?

Here is the question that Jesus asks us our opinion in today’s Gospel from Matthew 18.

If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray, will he not leave the ninety-nine in the hills and go in search of the stray?

I think to answer this question properly, it takes understanding. I need to know the person asking the question, why is it being asked and being a disciple of Jesus, I would want to follow what He would do. Fortunately, they are one and the same. If I want to understand God, I need to have a deep relationship with Him. I know that I have answered this question many times with a resounding yes and also, sheepishly (pun intended) with a no.

Jesus wants to leave no one behind. Me, I am still working on it. In my opinion, I know many people who I think have gone so far astray that there is no hope. With Jesus, there is always hope. Our world is a mess. We are so divided. Good is bad and bad is good. Relativity seems to be the norm. If you think it’s true then it’s true. But real truth, and there is only one truth, has a name and it is Jesus Christ. Knowing Jesus, I continue to bring my doubts of humanity to Him in prayer and believe that all things are possible for God.

So my opinion today is yes, it is worth doing everything I can to go after the stray. By the grace of God, I must remain open to His call. It is truly never about me and it is all about loving God and my neighbor.

What is your opinion?

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