Because Of The Hardness Of Your Hearts

Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 19 talks about marriage. But reading it again after my work day, the line that jumps out at me is “Because of the hardness of your hearts.” I have been thinking about that. My job is based much on customer service. I think life is based on customer service to love our neighbors as ourselves. My prayer everyday is to bring Christ to my world so why would I be concerned with a hardened heart.

I was helping some wonderful people from France today. They were seeking help for an event that they are attending this weekend. We laughed and talked and in my great customer service, I inadvertently gave them the wrong order for their event. Customer service rule: FOCUS ON WHAT YOU ARE DOING! I knew the order did not match his confirmation yet in our conversation, I came to the conclusion it was just a mix up. They walked out happy and I was happy they were happy. It seems like a pretty soft heart to me!

I sat at my desk and this was gnawing at me. I decided to look further into what I did and I found my mistake. Oh Mike, everyone makes mistakes! Yes we do. I should have known better. I made an international call with no success. I emailed with no success. I prayed, not for me but for a solution to the inconvenience I have caused to both my French friends and the person who paid for the order that I gave to them.

So why is the hardness of my heart jumping out at me? It’s my same lifelong problem of not listening to God. I just plow through things doing it my way. Even in the fun and laughter of the moment, the whole time I instinctively knew something was not right but I did it anyway. God was speaking but I was enjoying myself too much to listen. I would like to say a lesson learned but truthfully, I have been here before.

Not much more to say. Of course, I offer it to our merciful God. I managed to fix most of the problem but my foreign friends will most likely face a bit of inconvenience at the event barring a miracle that my email goes through and I can let them know. They will be fine. It’s not life or death and I understand that. I must ask for the grace, in every situation, to allow the promptings of the Holy Spirit to guide me. We all know who knows best. Lord, your will be done. Amen.

Because Of The Hardness Of Your Hearts

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