One Of Those Days!

Happy Sunday! Yes, I have had one of those days. It’s been a day of rest, sleeping in, praying, reading blogs, going to the Chapel before Mass to visit with Jesus, receiving Jesus at Mass, some food and now home reflecting. But today, it seems like everything I read and hear makes sense. The blogs I have read seem to be talking to me right where I am at and the Mass readings today really spoke to me.

Four words from today’s readings. Wisdom, understanding, foolishness and the Eucharist (not the actual word in the readings but “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him” describes it). I seek wisdom, understanding and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit everyday in prayer. The wisdom and understanding I received today is how foolish I am playing with sin in my life. I am not saying I am a sinner to appear humble, I am a sinner, playing around with some sinful desires. God knows I am weak and the Eucharist is where I gain strength.

I am also enlightened today that I should want to live and do the best I can. I say it all the time and then I go out and live cautiously in my opinion. I am a lover and by the grace of God, I really do care about all the people in my life. Why don’t I just bring that honestly to the world each day, unafraid and let God do what He wills? Why do I try to figure God out? How foolish is that? God is the greatest lover of all and I am called to be Jesus to the world.

My goal: To quit preaching the commandments to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and to love my neighbor as myself. But, to shut up and live it. Hopefully, my life, my reflections and my love will take on God’s direction and lead me away from selfishness, self pity, self gratification and the sin in my life. May God bless you all!

One Of Those Days!

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