Sharing The Truth In Love

St. Paul told the Thessalonians in today’s first reading some important concepts that I must continue to grow in. First, in how I should speak “not as trying to please men, but rather God, who judges our hearts.” Secondly, to not seek “praise from men.” And third, when I share myself or the Gospel, to have affection and be “gentle among you, as a nursing mother cares for her children.”

I am still learning how to share with others. I am not an apologist, though it interests me greatly, but I am a lover of Jesus Christ who calls me to love all my brothers and sisters in Christ. So here are a couple of the mistakes I have made in my journey.

  1. I am on fire for Jesus so I want to jam all my new-found knowledge down your throat because I want you to be excited like I am excited. If you are not, I will pound you with some scripture I have memorized to impress you so that you will know I know what I’m talking about rather than just being me on fire and you wondering why I am so doggone happy and ask me why!
  2. When I speak or write, I say what I think you want to hear or what I think you need to know rather than sharing honestly who I am and what I believe with great love, understanding and compassion.

I have come a long way and have a long way to go. But I have to say, this world is a mess and my little world is going to get a lot messier if I do not share my life and have honest dialogues about God’s truth with those I speak. There is only one truth and that is Jesus Christ. I’ve made so many mistakes in my journey and continue making them today. But by God’s grace, I am more aware of my weaknesses and my strengths, my gifts and my shortcomings. That’s why I need others and others need me. God made us for each other.

I have recently read some great blogs from some, who I consider, very honest Christians. They inspire me by sharing their lives openly and they really touch my heart. I promise myself to do the same each blog, not because I am a great sinner or desiring saint, but because sharing the truth in love glorifies God, and that is my hope always.

Sharing The Truth In Love

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