So I Want To Be Like Jesus?

I have a big smile on my face as I begin to write. My prayer each day is to surrender completely to the will of God, be transformed and be like Jesus. As I reflect on today’s Gospel from Luke 4, Jesus is in His hometown of Nazareth where he grew up. He is doing miraculous healings and answering all kinds of requests for the poor and needy. He even tells the people that He is the fulfillment of the passage He just read from Isaiah while in the Synagogue.

How do the people react. They question each other, “Is this not the son of Joseph?” I am pretty sure they did not think that something great could come from the poor souls of Mary and Joseph. The more Jesus spoke the truth, the more they were filled with fury to the point of wanting to throw him down from the brow of a hill.

I am a musician. I have played with some pretty good groups in my lifetime and had a pretty good following in the secular world. I wanted the fame and the limelight and really could never quite make it to that elite level. Thanks be to God! So now, I play for the Lord and direct 5 other former secular musicians in a group we call SIGN, Singing In God’s Name. We are six ordinary family men that have been blessed with musical talent by our most loving God. We play exclusively at our church at Mass and we are very serious in glorifying God through our music. Let’s say, when we play, we bring a unique kind of life to the Liturgy, fully understanding that it is not about us or the music, but it is all about Jesus. But we also know that we are called to use our gifts for God’s glory.

That being said, my family could care less about my music. They say hardly a word or even ask about my group. They never request to listen to me or ask if I might play at a casual get-together. We made a CD of the Lord’s Passion with original songs that I wrote and I would guess they could not even find the CD I gave to them or maybe never ever listened to it. I am still smiling!!! So I want to be like Jesus??? I do!!! Thankfully, I do not think my family will try to run me off a cliff and I do know that they love me as a dad, a papa, an uncle, a brother-in-law and you get the picture.

It’s a great gift for me to practice humility. I work on a college campus and occasionally, I will go out to the courtyard where there is a piano and I play and sing a few oldies but goodies before I head home. I probably have received more compliments from passer-byes than from my own family members! And yes, I am still smiling! It’s good to be like Jesus in even the smallest of ways.

So I Want To Be Like Jesus?

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