You Gotta Love Jesus

I’ve been reading today’s scripture passages and I have no idea what to write. I use my daily writings as a journal to hopefully see my love growing daily for Jesus. All I can think of as I read is that you gotta love Jesus. How can you not love this man? How can you not love the creator of us, the creator of the universe, Our Father? It’s hard to understand why everyone will not just surrender and follow Jesus. I forget that we are all in different places in life and I am in a good place but when I look back, I should have compassion and understanding where others might be on their journey as I have been in some pretty bad places.

If you have read some of my posts, you know my past is filled with much good and much bad. I would guess that most of us would say that about our lives but if not, that’s how mine was. Not going to hash back on my sins as there are way too many and you know what, I truly believe I have been forgiven for my sins. How can you not love our God who is willing to forgive us for the wrongs we do? You gotta love Jesus.

Today in the Gospel of Luke 4, Jesus rebukes an unclean demon to come out of a man. Everyone who witnesses it is amazed. Just as quickly though as they were amazed, many would turn on Jesus. I think we are a lot like that. We pray and we get what we want and we are so thankful. Just check out social media posts that thank God for their new car, new home, a child or grandchild coming to visit or maybe a promotion. Praise the Lord and rightly so. But if we truly love the Lord, should not we be praising Him in the midst of our trials?

I am really trying to see God in everything. We know He is with us always. I do not want to question when I struggle in life. He is to be praised. I have to believe that a greater good is going to come from all he permits. God is Good always! Always! I can tell you that my life is much more peaceful, even with the difficult day I had at work today. You gotta love Jesus! I do Lord, I do!

You Gotta Love Jesus

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