Suffering In Love

Today is the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. I do not like to think of our dear Mother Mary being sad or suffering even though I am well aware of the passion of Jesus. So today, Timothy Cardinal Dolan in his homily at Mass, said something that I thought was very profound coming from a man and priest.

I will paraphrase but he said that when a child is really sick, who suffers more, the child or the mother? He thought it was the mother and so do I. I can remember my wife with so many sleepless nights, filled with love, care and anxiety over our precious little girls. Knowing my wife, she would have gladly taken on their sickness and pain to see her babies healthy again.

So then Cardinal Dolan had me think about Jesus. Our Lord agonized, sweating drops of blood, was beaten, spit on, cursed at, nailed to a cross and died. Who suffered more, the child or the mother? I love our Blessed Mother and she like Jesus suffered greatly. Thank God for all of you mothers. We love you and thank God for you but I will speak for myself, I do not think I really have a clue how much you have suffered for your children. Thank you.

Suffering In Love

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