“Just” Life

There is no one more just than Jesus. He’s God. He knows all

Reading today’s first reading from Wisdom 2 which was written about 50 years before the coming of Jesus yet it completely talks about a just man and those who would persecute Him. When I think about Jesus, the words of Wisdom make sense.

“Let us beset the just one, because he is obnoxious to us; he sets himself against our doings,
reproaches us for transgressions of the law and charges us with violations of our training.” – Oh my, Jesus did just that. The scribes and Pharisees were always trying to trap Him in blasphemy because He would not go along with the 600 plus Jewish laws that bound the children of God rather than free them.

“Let us see whether his words be true; let us find out what will happen to him. For if the just one be the son of God, God will defend him and deliver him from the hand of his foes.” – Oh my, and we live in His glory today because of how He was delivered. Thank you Father!

“With revilement and torture let us put the just one to the test that we may have proof of his gentleness and try his patience. Let us condemn him to a shameful death; for according to his own words, God will take care of him.” – Oh my, I am still mindful that this was written about 50 years before Jesus. Words of prophecy, words of truth.

I have been really struggling with temptation to sin and I have been giving in to the temptation. I am amazed at myself that I talk to God while I am sinning asking for His mercy and how sorry I am that I am so weak. I have been so busy with work the last three weeks, extremely early and late hours and frankly tired and just wanting to do what I want to do, not necessarily what is right. I have been wrestling with God, trying to figure out if He is mad at me, forgiving me, going to punish me, letting me walk deeper into darkness where there is no way out except through Him or is He loving me and speaking to me but I cannot listen because right now, it is all about me?

This morning I awoke early to pray and to go to early morning Mass. There was mercy and love in the air. I was different. There was a grace of strength in me to humbly come before my Savior and ask for His help and mercy. I knelled and prayed before the Blessed Sacrament. I received Jesus in the Eucharist at Mass. I went back to the Chapel and prayed a while longer with and in the Presence of Jesus. My life is so simple when I do not lose sight of God and His love for me. I had an awesome day and I am more aware that staying close to Jesus is “just” life, my life.

“Just” Life

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