Hidden Meanings

In reading the Gospel tonight, Jesus hid the meaning from His disciples when He said “The Son of Man is to be handed over to men.” We have the blessings of over 2000 years, the Bible, the teachings of the church and the writings of many like the church fathers who have helped to deepen our meaning of the passion of Jesus.

Tonight I wonder how much God has to hide from me? If I truly understood completely, maybe it would lead me into areas I should not be going. With my Christian maturity level, I wonder how I would respond if Jesus revealed to me something like you are going to lose a family member to an accident. Would I say, praise to You Lord, your will be done? Would I beg to know who? What would I do if I knew who? I have no idea where I am going with this. I am writing as I am thinking and I am pretty content not to know what I should not know and trust in God.

My wife and I went looking at houses in an area we like just to see. She found something she really likes and is very intent on getting all the necessary information we need as to if this is something we can actually do and prepare to sell our home. Just the reality of this is a little frightening to me. So many questions going through my head. That peace that I have been sharing is being threatened today.

I went to confession today. It was different. Not sure why. I believe in the grace I receive and the words of absolution usually bring great joy to me. Tonight, its hard to explain, but it was different. My group played music at mass and that was awesome also, but it was different. I had many people make an effort to let me know their appreciation for our music. Is God trying to tell me something? Am I just not listening?

This is probably one of the strangest posts I have ever written. I can’t figure it out. I’m not even sure why I am going to post it other than for keeping a daily journal of scripture reflections. Thanks for bearing with me tonight. May God richly bless you!

Maybe the prayer of blessing is the reason? Amen.

Hidden Meanings

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