Inclusive Or Exclusive?

I just finished a 2 hour performance of praise music with my group SIGN, Singing In God’s Name, to close out the weekend entertainment at our Harvest Festival. I did not feel well today but as entertainers do, the show must go on. It’s now over and I am so energized. Glory and praise to our God.

The Mass readings today seem to point out that even though others may not be a part of the “group”, they still have a right to Jesus. I love my Catholic faith and I wish everyone was a member of the church and believed all that the church teaches. Wishful thinking because I personally know more non-Catholics than I do Catholics.

I remember as a young boy, when someone said they were Catholic, I wanted to run. I don’t know why but I wanted nothing to do with them. Now that I am on the other side, I am more understanding when people bash the church, the Pope, our beliefs or even me. Some of it I think is a lack of understanding of what the church actually teaches and why, mostly from uninformed sources.

But I also think that it is easy to appear exclusive rather than inclusive. I am guilty of using “exclusive Catholic language”, trying to be a teacher and apologist, which can really turn people off. I think Jesus was reminding me to live my faith by loving everyone as He does, Catholic or not, and not having to bring teaching into each conversation.

I think our music today was very inclusive and the large crowd gathered together, of all faiths, enjoyed the day putting aside any exclusivity. Music was the grace today for me to live the Gospel for the glory of Jesus.

And I feel great! Thank you Jesus!

Inclusive Or Exclusive?

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