Be Made Clean

It has been a while since I have written or responded to other blogs and posts. So many people write such amazing stories and insights that the whole world can be uplifted. My disappointment is with my brothers and sisters not being charitable especially in the comment sections when people share their hearts and beliefs. We will not always agree. We are called not to judge each other but to love. We can be charitable with each other seeking to understand. I think we all are seeking the truth.

That being said, Jesus continually ran into people who were even less than charitable and actually wanted to silence him with death. He did not stop doing what he came to do because of what others said or did or tried to do. So in my desire to follow Jesus through His loving Mother Mary and the example of perfect love she exhibited always, I come to offer my scripture reflections and how the Word moves me.

Jan 8

Be Made Clean

2 thoughts on “Be Made Clean

  1. Awesome meditation on God’s word and heartfelt response to the story of Jesus and the leper. Your response was Holy Spirit led. He was given by Jesus to live inside His believers as a Helper and Counselor and Guide and Enabler. He is our genetic code of heaven that is proof that we are truly children of God. So your reflection on both the passage, that we are all lepers is an insight straight from God’s heart and your appeal for His children is a reflection of the heart and passion of God. In Christ’s High Priestly prayer in John chapter 17 Jesus pled with God for unity among His brothers and sisters. That we might be one even as He and the Father are one. That we might love one another. The Bible is clear that if we don’t love each other the love of God does not dwell in us. Either the love from God or the love for God. Romans chapter 12 says we must not take on the values and thinking of this world which is self interested, prideful, judgmental. Rather we are to be transformed in our thinking. If you read the whole chapter let it be the mirror by which we see where God sets the bar and see how far we miss the mark.

    Thank you so much for sharing! You are a sweet brother in Christ!


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