I Need You and You Need Me

Today’s readings are packed with messages. In the Gospel from John 2, Jesus does his first public miracle at a wedding at Cana. There was a problem, there would be embarrassment and help was needed so his mother asked him to solve the problem. He changed water into wine, the best wine.

What that says to me is (1) Jesus listens to his mother; (2) on the cross, he gave his mother to me as my spiritual mother; and (3) my spiritual mother also listens to me and will ask Jesus to help me. To me it’s that simple. I love you Mother Mary!

The second reading from 1st Corinthians 12 says that “there are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit.” St. Paul lists many of the gifts that the Spirit gives but the point it makes to me is that we are all graced with different gifts and we need each other.

In my life, there have been many times that I have felt worthless. If someone needs help with plumbing, not me. If someone needs a mechanic, not me. If someone needs repair work at home, not me. You get the point. Instead of feeling worthless, I might know someone who can help. I might give encouragement. I might pray. I might console. I have been given many gifts that God wants me to use to love my neighbors and all the people in my life. I need you and you need me. Thanks be to God! Have a beautiful Sunday praising the Lord! Amen.

Mike Burke; Sunday, January 17, 2016
I Need You and You Need Me

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