“YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD.” In today’s Gospel from Mark 3, this is what the unclean spirits shouted when they saw Jesus as they would fall down. My thoughts are that if I want to be made clean and live a holy life, free of demons and evil spirits, I should best make room for Jesus to live fully in me.

The Gospel says that everyone was pressing in on Jesus because they heard about what he was doing. He was teaching the truth, healing and giving all an opportunity for a new life in Christ. People were excited. They believed he could heal. They saw the miracles and were in awe of God!

Oh me of little faith. I spend a good amount of time with Jesus each day. Our relationship is growing. I am blessed. But this passage has me pondering, do I really believe that my good friend Jesus, my Lord and Savior and my God will really do what I ask of him?

I was sitting in the Chapel today with Jesus and scrolling through Facebook and when someone asked for prayers, here I am, right in the presence of Jesus offering it to him. It made me feel great with the hope of healing or desires answered for the people asking for prayer. I read a great blog recently about hope. Hope in Christ is with certainty. Do I really have that faith?

Lord, your will be done. May I completely trust in you. Amen.

Mike Burke, Thursday, January 21, 2016

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