God Have Mercy

A story of mercy unfolds today in the Book of 1 Samuel 24. King Saul, jealous King Saul, is trying to track down David to kill him. David and his men are hiding in a cave and King Saul steps in to relieve himself. David’s men remind David that the Lord has delivered King Saul into his hands and now is the time to kill him.

The mercy of David though is a great example for me. David explains to King Saul that he can easily kill him but that he will not do it which makes him the better person. King Saul agrees and tells David that one day he will surely be King. I have not had to flee from someone trying to kill me. I do know someone though that I have hurt deeply in the past that does not like me very much and periodically lashes out to let me know it.

I have apologized and asked for forgiveness but it’s just something that this person cannot let go. It reminds me how important my choices are and how they can affect others, even possibly for a lifetime. Like David, I can show mercy by accepting the painful words that are inflicted on me and unite them to the cross of Jesus in the hope of his grace of healing in this relationship.

Jesus is a God of mercy. He offers it to everyone just for the asking. I must do the same daily in my life. Like David, I really want to be the better person for God’s glory, not mine.

Mike Burke, Friday, January 22, 2016
God Have Mercy

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