A Christian Life Is Not Easy


If you try to do the right thing by living a right and just life, you are going to have major problems. Or should it be said that living a Christian life is not easy. That seems to be the theme today in the scripture passages from Genesis 37 and Matthew 21.

The story of Joseph, sold into slavery by his very jealous brothers as he was dad’s favorite son. And in the Gospel, Jesus tells the “Parable of the Tenants” where good and just people are beaten and killed by greedy tenants who want it all.

Hopefully, you were not anything like me growing up in my non-Christian days trying to make it big in the world. I was the king of the manipulators. I would tell you what you want to hear and then do what I needed to do. You mattered to me but I mattered more so if it came to the point where it was one or the other, it was definitely me.

Times have changed. You matter much more to me now. I have such great hope in the Lord who through the power and beauty of his grace, changed a young brash sinful man into a still sinful man striving to do only God’s will. I can tell you honestly, regardless of the pressures, the sufferings or the joys of this life, I experience much peace in surrendering to the will of God.

Vindication comes from the Lord and today’s readings also bring that to the table. Fear of the Lord is a good thing if we look at fear in the proper context. I do not want to sin because it offends my Lord and not because I think he is going to punish me. It’s like pounding on the nails in his hands and feet when all Jesus wants to do is love me. The Lord knows I deserve punishment for my sins and I may receive it, but my real hope is in his love and mercy.

So I will continue to live a Christian life and expect nothing less than what Jesus suffered for my salvation. Thank you Jesus.

Mike Burke; Friday, February 25, 2016
A Christian Life Is Not Easy

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