I Am Struggling Lord


I am trying to read and reflect on today’s scripture readings. My head is not in it. My heart is not in it. I am struggling with temptations. I am weak. I know my Lord is here with me. I am talking and trying to listen. It’s difficult for me right now. I read when the just man cries out, the Lord hears. I don’t feel too just of a man right now. I have thoughts I do not want and the peace that I seem to live with day in and day out is fleeting.

Lord, you know me better than I know myself. I am so very sorry to even think of offending you. I offer you myself completely Lord, sins and all. Please have mercy on me a sinner.

Mike Burke; Friday, March 11, 2016
I Am Struggling Lord

9 thoughts on “I Am Struggling Lord

  1. I recall many years ago, long before I felt a closeness to God at all, doing a walking meditation where I repeated the Jesus prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” I know I had been having disturbing thoughts…possibly even suicidal ones…but it was so long ago; my children were young. All I remember was saying it over and over as I walked, looking down at my feet and breathing in cadence to it. I recall the corner of the the street I was on…and that it was a total gesture of blind faith; I had no hope that it would improve my situation…I just couldn’t think of anything else to do. I had to drown out the dangerous thoughts.

    I guess the fact that I am still here says something.

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