What’s So Good About Good Friday?


My answer is Jesus lovingly died for me, for you and for the salvation of the whole world. I am a great sinner and today he was beaten, spit at, cursed at, scourged, forced to carry a heavy cross that he eventually was nailed to so that he would bleed, suffocate and die and he did die, for me and my sins.

At three o’clock today, I was blessed to play the music and sing for our Veneration of the Cross. And tonight, I was equally blessed to be a musical part of the presentation of The Way Of The Cross for our church community. A packed church gathered to watch and follow the passion of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Tonight, as we lay our head on our pillows, Jesus lays dead in a tomb. What is good about that? We know what happens next and we will celebrate his Resurrection this Sunday. I cannot find words to convey my love for Jesus. I can praise His Holy Name, get on my knees and thank him knowing all too well that I will sin against him again. What is good about that? He still loves me and he showed me again tonight on the cross.

Mike Burke; Good Friday, March 25, 2016


What’s So Good About Good Friday?

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