“Delighted” To Glorify God’s Word


Paul and Barnabas tell the Good News of Salvation to the Gentiles today in Acts 13:44-52 and the Gentiles were “delighted” and glorified the Word of the Lord. I think, who wouldn’t be delighted if they truly believed that even the sinful children of God that we are, Jesus came to save us?

My very good and loving friend Linda sent me a response to my post from yesterday. She said “All Saints have a past; All Sinners have a future.” I told her I liked that. She thought it might be Mother Teresa but it was actually attributed to Oscar Wilde.

So I wondered what Mother Teresa might have said about Saints and Sinners? She said, “Saints are only sinners who keep trying.” With today’s scripture passage and the wisdom of Saint Mother Teresa, there is still much hope for me!

I hope everyone has a very blessed weekend. Thanks be to God!

Mike Burke; Saturday, April 23, 2016
“Delighted” To Glorify God’s Word

7 thoughts on ““Delighted” To Glorify God’s Word

  1. Mike, this post reminded me of all the references in the bible to falling down and the song by Bob Carlile, “We Fall Down” with the key line, “The Saints are just the Sinners who fall down and get up.” It is something I needed to hear again.

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