Let’s Talk About Peace


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When I read scripture like today, I make a dangerous mistake. My mind says I have heard this so many times what can I possibly say different than what I have said and written before? I do ask the Holy Spirit to guide me always in my study and reflection and I think I am being scolded for this attitude of mine.

Scripture has so many layers and speaks to me right where I am at. As much as I try to hide it and tell myself and you that I am at peace, the uncertainty of my life, my marriage and even my work causes my heart to be a little troubled. By the grace of God I am not afraid. I trust my Lord but I am anxious to know where he is leading me and what is going to happen to me in my current uncertain situations.

It is kind of funny that as I sit here rereading what I just wrote, I feel peace. I hear an inner voice saying trust me. I do not need the things of the world to make me happy or to bring me peace. My relationship with Jesus and the many people he places in my life each day usually brings me his peace.

But today I saw one of my favorite, most upbeat students in a sad state. I had never seen her this way and I was not at peace. She brightens my day and I wanted to brighten hers today but it just was not going to happen. I want peace for her so I will pray for her. I think most of the young people I know base their peace on how the world is treating them with things and relationships. I am reminded again that I have been through this stage of the world too many times in my life. There is just no lasting peace with the world regardless of the amount of things I am given. The new car, the new phone, the raise, the pat on the back and you can name your pleasure will just not do it.

It is very different with the peace that Jesus gives.

Mike Burke; Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Let’s Talk About Peace

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Peace

  1. First of all, I love the concept of the Holy Spirit scolding… Images of ‘dirt devils’ along a dusty country road, come to mind.

    If you will pass to me the initials of the saddened student, I will add them to my Prayer Request (PR) post. God will know who she is.


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