Maybe Another Time


Saint Paul in today’s first reading from Acts 17: 15 – 18: 1 tells a large group of people that they no longer have to worship at an altar inscribed to an unknown God. He tells them about Jesus and then he gets to the part about the resurrection of the dead…

When they heard about resurrection of the dead, some began to scoff, but others said, “We should like to hear you on this some other time.”

Paul ended up leaving them and only a few went with him. It struck me again that God speaks to me in so many ways. Sometimes in conversations I can get so lost in what I believe without the openness to at least try to understand what I am being told. Maybe I “should like to hear you on this some other time.” In other words, I am done listening.

I read so many of your blogs daily. I really like to hear personal testimonies and how you interpret scripture passages. But just the same, I am sometimes guilty of thinking that this is not what I think or believe and dismiss the entire writing all too easily. Again, I “should like to hear you on this some other time.” In other words, when you get your act together and start believing like me, I will listen.

This is really more in the past for me but a reminder to be open and allow the Holy Spirit to discern what I hear and read. I am getting much better at asking for guidance and am much more comfortable to enter into discussion if prompted. God is good and loves us all. Seeking the truth is his will and I can’t go wrong if I keep that my goal by opening my heart and mind to listen.

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Mike Burke; Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Maybe Another Time

2 thoughts on “Maybe Another Time

  1. I am often’convicted’ by the writings and thoughts of other bloggers. I must admit, however, that if the negativity and vehemence is too strong, I mentally cross my forearms as if fending off Dracula and delete.

    There was a comment not too long ago, and it may have been from you, that “some of us are making it up as we go along.” That hit me like a glass of cold water in the face. I have thought about that a lot. As you know, my posts are not commentary on the day’s scriptural readings, like do many are. But, I do believe my writing prompts are given to me by God.

    I confess, I do not quote a lot of Scripture. Nor do I defend my points from an Old Testament perspective. Even the New Testament Letters get little press from me. I stick to (or try to) the commandments of Jesus, specifically because the gospel (the good news of Jesus) has never given me trouble. By that, I mean, there are other parts of Scripture that I could use to criticise and condemn but I fear I would be doing more harm than good. I am safest by preaching love and I will leave exhortation to others.

    God would have to shake me until my teeth rattle before I would be comfortable doing otherwise.

    As for “making it up as I go along,” I believe Jesus (or the Holy Spirit, or both) guide me and direct my step. If what I write sounds true and wise, it ain’t coming from me. (Thank you, Jesus. I pray you approve. To you, the Glory.)


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