Happy Mother’s Day


Today, the church in my Diocese celebrates the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord when Jesus ascended into heaven. I realize how blessed I am and we are that Jesus left us so that he would return by sending his Spirit to live in us forever.

On this very special day, we also celebrate Mother’s Day. I realize how blessed I am because of the love of mothers. I start with my own biological mother Florence, pictured above who was called by the Lord from this earth in 1998. When I was either 2 months or 2 years old, I had whooping cough and should have died but my mother stayed up continually night and day removing the mucus from me so that I could breathe and live. My mother willingly sacrificed her life for mine not only when I was an infant but throughout my life in imitation of Jesus who gave his life for us. I love you Mother and my hope is in the Lord that we will hug and kiss again in his presence in heaven.

My beautiful mother-in-law Sarah was also a mother to me. She loved me like her own son and sacrificed so much for me and my wife. She has also gone to her rest in the mercy of God. I love and thank you Sarah! My wife is a wonderful mother who sacrificed her life for the well-being of my blessed 2 daughters. My two daughters are now amazing mothers, loving and sacrificing their lives for my blessed 3 grandchildren.

But the greatest example of perfect motherhood that we can see is from the Mother of God, our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. She accepted the will of God perfectly, loved, adored, protected and stood with her son throughout his life, passion, death and resurrection. She said yes to Jesus on the cross to be our Spiritual Mother and she loves and cares for each of us in the most caring and loving way. I love you Mother Mary! Thank you Jesus for our mothers!

Image of Virgin Mary above from https://www.pinterest.com/pinland5/nossa-senhora/ on google.com images
Mike Burke; Sunday, May 8, 2016 “Mother’s Day”
Happy Mother’s Day

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