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The Gospel from John 21:15-19 tells the story of Jesus asking Peter “do you love me” three times, the same amount of times that Peter denied Jesus during his passion. But at the end of today’s Gospel, Jesus tells Peter to “follow me.” And we know that Peter did follow Jesus, even to a cruel death of being crucified upside down.

I am reminded again that following Jesus includes the cross. I am so abundantly blessed but there are times when I face challenges and seemingly lose sight of Jesus. Challenges and crosses in my life cannot rob me of my JOY in following Jesus.

Today, I think about and remember my dad, Glen Burke who was born on this day. He passed away in 2000. My dad loved me, his spoiled child who was given everything a kid could ever want. I did not appreciate my dad and mom enough in my opinion but I know they loved me and I loved them. We all did the best we could and we leave everything to the mercy of our Lord. I would say in faith that we are all in pretty good hands! I love you dad!

Mike Burke; Friday, May 13, 2016
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