Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit


Responsorial Psalm 49:11

Blessed are the poor in spirit; the Kingdom of heaven is theirs!
For he can see that wise men die,
and likewise the senseless and the stupid pass away,
leaving to others their wealth.

Well, my interesting life continues today. Forgive me for taking this totally out of context but I wish the senseless and the stupid in me would pass away. I have nowhere to go but to Jesus. That is to be poor in spirit and allow Jesus to fill me with his Spirit. My will does not work and each day I seem to find ways to prove it to myself.

I think I am a pretty efficient employee and work pretty diligently. I have a new computer but am really struggling with the way our IT manager has set it up. I like things neat and in order. I get rid of much that I do not want to see and hide it in folders to retrieve when I want them. It drives our IT manager nuts when he works on my computer.

So today he is frustrated with me and says you are the only person in the world that does ??? with your computer. So I decide to give in and move all my files to my desktop for easy access. He had so many transferred duplicate files on my computer that I was deleting. I was near the end of transferring to my desktop when I tried to move a file called desktop to a folder I marked “stuff I never use” so if our IT guy needed it, there it would be.

When I put it in the folder, it was a duplicate file and asked if I wanted to send it to the recycle bin. I said yes. It then popped up that the file was too big to send to the recycle bin so do I want to permanently delete it. Since it was a duplicate, I said yes. Boom! Every file on my desktop gone. Needless to say, my IT guy was not happy with me. He has restored to previous dates but there are important files that have not returned.

Lord, lesson I hope learned. I should have known better. What I feel bad about is putting our IT guy though all of this for my senseless and stupid mistake. I know that is not what this passage means, but I need your love, mercy and compassion. Well, tomorrow’s another day, “God willing” as it says in today’s first reading from James 4:13-17. Thanks be to God!

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Mike Burke; Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

7 thoughts on “Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

  1. Mike, I would lighten the load on yourself. I would have done the same thing, given the question. Your IT guy would go nuts with me too, because I have my computer files organized just like you.
    I hope today is a better day.

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  2. I love it!

    You have restored my faith that someone else is like me.

    Years ago, I started writing essays on Bipolar disorder and put those essays in a folder titled “Bipolar book.”. As I proofed each essay, I would put the final version in a sub folder titled, “Bipolar book.”. To keep things safe, I quite often backed up these folders to other folders titled, “Bipolar book.” I ended up with about 14 levels of “Bipolar book,” each with some or all essays of varying levels of completion. As I was my own IT person, I drove myself nuts.

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  3. Another like minded soul:

    When we first got PCs at work, early 1980s, the only thing you could do to customize you PC was to change the background color or the color of the text. One coworker changed both to black. Totally distraught, she asked me for help. I told her to close her eyes and change them to different colors… just not the same color.


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