I heard a message in today’s scripture passage from James 5:9-12 of perseverance. I have really felt tested this week and think I have failed so many of the tests. I am finding myself grumbling inwards while faking my smile and my feeble attempts of being Jesus to the world I live in.

Today again, a minor setback at work with my computer set me off. I worked for a couple of hours restoring an important document that had been lost with my files. When finished, I saved it to both the hard drive and an external drive. When I went to retrieve it, it would not open and seemed corrupted. So what does a person do, I went to lunch to overeat and lament about my problems and frustrations with my coworkers and of course, my unhappiness with the IT guy trying to fix my computer.

Saint James begins… “Do not complain, brothers and sisters, about one another, that you may not be judged. Behold, the Judge is standing before the gates.” I should have remembered this before I went to lunch. He continues… “Take as an example of hardship and patience, brothers and sisters, the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. Indeed we call blessed those who have persevered.” I will not give up and by the grace of God will persevere through all of my worldly challenges.

But I know my hope lies in the Lord as Saint James says… “You have heard of the perseverance of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, because the Lord is compassionate and merciful.” There are those beautiful words that the Lord is compassionate and merciful. I believe so much in God’s love and mercy and I know that I must extend my love and mercy to others to glorify him.

When I returned from lunch, the IT guy begins to work again on my computer and I asked him to disable a drive our office has been using because he thought it might be the problem. He did disable it and all of my files came back and loaded properly. With joy we high fived! I then walked out of the office and what came to mind were the words of Saint Peter after he did not trust Jesus, “Depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man.” Perseverance to me means I have to learn and keep on keeping on as we used to say in the 70’s. Hopefully one of these days I will get it and cooperate more fully with the grace given me. Amen.

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Mike Burke; Friday, May 20, 2016

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