To Love And Serve


There is so much going on in the scripture readings today. I am reminded about loving my brothers and sisters and being a servant to all. I like those commands and I want to follow them. I know I fail too often but truly I desire to spend the rest of my life loving and serving everyone in my life.

I have also had a great desire to love and accept people where they are. Jesus did that but I know that he also directed people to the truth. Some followed him and some did not. My problem is that I have been so exuberant at times in my faith that speaking the truth, even in love seems to push people away and I do not want to do that. Some tell me it needs to be done but I am still not sure I agree with that form of evangelization.

 I try to live a good example and share in forums like this or give my opinion if someone should desire a dialogue with me. I guess it is really not a problem as I trust that God will use me as he wills. Sometimes, it seems like I am doing nothing to promote the Kingdom of God but truthfully I believe that God will make good out of my less than feeble attempts.

Jesus died for me and my sins. I love him so much but I keep sinning. He continues to love me anyway. I was thinking how I have grown to accept and love those that are not on my same page. My hope is in Jesus and so is theirs whether they know it or not. Loving with the understanding I have falls short of the perfect love of Jesus. Yet, my heart yearns to love and serve others. The message I hear tonight is to not be so hard on myself, the sinner. If God has love and mercy on me, I need to accept it with great joy and share that love and mercy with others.

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Mike Burke; Wednesday, May 25, 2016
To Love And Serve

One thought on “To Love And Serve

  1. I agree with you, Mike. I am not an aggressive evangelizer, either. IMHO, that can often make people feel pressured and turn them off. I try to ask the Holy Spirit to let me know if someone is open to it, and then try to share my faith in a non-pushy way. You’re right, some people will disagree with that, but I think we have to do what we feel in our heart is the right way with each individual.

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