Faith, Trust & Hope In God’s Will


I have recently been experiencing the realities of life. My personal and work life have been traveling on some interesting paths. What I have keenly become aware of is how I am handling these turning points. I must give the glory to God because of His Grace that I am peaceful in the joyful and the sorrowful times accepting what happens as the will of God.

God has told us through the writings of St. Paul, that His Grace is sufficient and that He will never give us more than we can handle. Accepting this truth in faith has helped me in my daily journey. At home, there are challenges that have brought greater communication opportunities for my wife and me who have struggled in this area for many years. At work, I have been temporarily uprooted and moved to a new venue because of construction. This is providing a new environment with a lack of the usual comfortable routine. Today was the last day for one of our students who is transferring to another college. I love this young woman dearly and will miss her. It felt like saying goodbye to one of your children but in this case, not knowing if you will ever see her or be a part of her life again.

I reflect on this because today’s readings from Amos 9:11-15, Psalm 85 and the Gospel of Matthew 9:14-17 remind me of God’s providence. Whether it is my life, your life or the craziness of this world, God has a plan and it will all work out according to His plan. His plan permits my free will choices, good and evil, that will take me on paths in my life. Some of the paths will be good for me, some will be bad, some will hurt me, some will hurt others, some of joy, some of sorrow and yet, He allows me to choose.

Realizing there will be consequences for my choices, I am reminded of our God who loves us more than we love ourselves and the ones we hold dearly in our lives. In the end, it all works out according to His will. For me as a believer in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I must continue to put my faith, trust and hope in the Lord. God’s love, mercy and justice is real. I like to think of heaven and God’s promises and not so much of hell and the loss of eternal life with God forever. I am also reminded that God does not want to lose any of His children. As I understand it, I have the choice to choose Him or not. He loves me that much!

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Mike Burke; Saturday, July 2, 2016
Faith, Trust & Hope In God’s Will

3 thoughts on “Faith, Trust & Hope In God’s Will

  1. Isn’t it strange how sometimes we do think we are given so much more than we can handle–until we realize that we have handled it. As you say, all glory goes to God. Without Him, we could not have done it. Have a great Saturday, Mike.

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  2. Great post, Mike! I sometimes dislike change and find myself resisting although I know it’s inevitable and I should just go with the flow. I hate it when people I like move away, or when my little world gets otherwise shaken up. Yet, many times I realized later that the change brought some blessings, and I always resolve to take change more in stride the next time. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t, but I do my best to trust God and just stop resisting.

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