Faith, Desperation And Trust


It is Independence Day in the United States. It’s a holiday filled with celebration and fireworks. It is a day for me; primarily, to thank God for the blessings of this country and the freedom I have been given. It is also a day to thank the many men and women who have served to protect my freedom to the extent of giving their lives. I thank God, I praise God and I ask for God’s blessings as a famous song by Lee Greenwood is titled, “God Bless The USA.” God knows, this country is greatly divided.

Reading today’s Gospel from Matthew 9:18-26, makes me really think about faith in God. There are two stories of great faith and healing. A strong-willed official comes to Jesus and tells him that his daughter has died. He tells Jesus to come and lay his hand on her and she will live. Jesus rose and followed him. When Jesus arrived, He took the daughter by the hand and the little girl arose.

On the way to the official’s house, a timid woman who had been suffering hemorrhages for 12 years thought that if she could only touch the tassel of the cloak of Jesus, she would be healed. She did touch it and Jesus said to her … “Courage, daughter! Your faith has saved you” and she was immediately healed.

Faith and desperation seem to be a combination that attracts us to Jesus. Jesus answered both of these desperate prayers. I am sure many of us have had prayers of desperation that we believe have gone unanswered. At least, unanswered in the way we wanted them answered. I think this is where trust comes in to believe that God knows what is best for all of us according to His will, not ours. I think if I ever get to that level of trust, I will be able to honestly tell you I live peacefully daily in the joy of Christ.

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Mike Burke; Monday, July 4, 2016
Faith, Desperation And Trust

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