Evangelizing As Disciples Of Jesus


I was thinking about evangelization as I read the Gospel today from Matthew 10:7-15. It seems these past few Gospels have Jesus out and about with His disciples, talking about the Kingdom of God at hand, raising the dead and curing those who are sick. He sends His 72 disciples in pairs to do the same and today sends His Apostles.

How do I evangelize today? I have this blog which I write daily sharing my life and my love for Jesus and for scripture. It gets posted on my social media sites. I have a music ministry. I try to be a light of Christ with those I meet, work with or converse with. These are some of the ways that come to mind.

From experience, whether right or wrong, this is how I no longer evangelize today. Bring up Jesus in every conversation. Tell people that what they are doing is wrong and this is what the church teaches. Arguing about scripture interpretations, the I am right and you are wrong dialogue. These and many more I have found in my life to turn people off and seemingly away from the love of Jesus rather than bringing them into His light and love.

I am prepared though to give a defense of my faith if necessary but it will not be done in a way of superiority but with love. I have very close friends of the same sex that have legally been married. I love them with all my heart. They are two of the most loving and generous people I know. Do I believe that their marriage is valid in the eyes of God? I do not. I know many people living together that are not married. I lived for a time with a woman and we were not married. Do I think this is right? I do not. If I am asked for my opinion, I will share it. Am I shirking my responsibility? Maybe. Am I also a sinner? Yes I am ashamed to say.

Following Jesus and being a Christian is not easy. I think when we can talk openly, pray, care and love each other, God will break down barriers and reveal His truth. We can argue until we are blue in the face but unless we speak with love and are open to explain and listen to why we believe what we believe, we will just butt heads. I surely do not know all the answers and am no expert so I am still growing in my faith. May God grant each of us His grace to be open to understanding and accepting His truth. Amen.

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Mike Burke; Thursday, July 7, 2016
Evangelizing As Disciples Of Jesus

2 thoughts on “Evangelizing As Disciples Of Jesus

  1. I read once that evangelism is being involved in God’s glory. It’s not a contest or a numbers game. It’s not pouring my fulness into someone else’s emptiness. We are blessed to be a part of God’s plan. He uses us out of grace. We need Him; He does not need us. Over aggression in evangelism is a result of overestimating one’s self and underestimating God. Remember, after Jesus went all WWE int the temple courts many wanted to follow Him, but he walked away. He knew their hearts. Do we know our own?

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