Lord of Heaven, Earth and the All-Star Baseball Game


I left work early. Why? The Major League All-Star Game of course. You see, when I grow up, I want to be a major league baseball player. That was my childhood dream. I came kind of close and in my mind, barring some serious knee injuries and a serious lack of maturity, I would have made it! God gave me the ability, the love of the game and the drive to push myself but… There always seems to be a but that messes it all up. That but or butt in my life was me.

Anyway, I really like watching the best in the world get together even if it is an exhibition. The celebration of the present and the past is fun to watch and sometimes takes me into a childlike dreamland. Speaking of childlike, in the Gospel from Matthew 11:25-27, Jesus exclaims … “I give praise to you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike.”

I am called to be childlike to God. I must depend completely on our Heavenly Father just like a little child depends on his parents. God does not need me. He created me because He loves me just like I love my 2 daughters and would do anything for them. I am a pretty old man but in the eyes of God, I am His little child. I am nothing without Him. It does not matter how wise or learned I think I am. In fact, I cannot do anything without God because He sustains me in every breath He permits me to take.

So back to baseball. It is a game. It is fun to play and fun to watch. I still act like a child when I am around the game. Here I am watching grown men playing a kid’s game and having a great time. The abilities that God has given these great athletes leaves me in awe. So today, I thank God for the gift of the sport of baseball and the reminder that being a child of God is a very special gift. Father, Lord of heaven and earth, you are to be praised and glorified above all things. I am your child, teach me your ways. Amen.

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Mike Burke; Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Lord of Heaven, Earth and the All-Star Baseball Game

4 thoughts on “Lord of Heaven, Earth and the All-Star Baseball Game

  1. Nice. I was the worst baseball player ever. As a kid, they put me at catcher in coach pitch. The pitch would come, and I would pivot out of the way, so that the ball rolled to the back stop. Then I would weakly throw it back. Thank God for tennis. It is amazing though to watch a human being function at a peak physical level. There is great beauty and grace in it.

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  2. Mike, I have to smile because I totally relate to your feelings about being a baseball star. For me, it is watching the great classic Broadway musicals and fantasizing about being a star on stage during the Golden Age of Broadway. Something that could never come true, but it’s fun to dream. The closest I’ve come is being in plays in school and community theatre. :-}

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