Martha or Mary? Ginger or Mary Ann?


I have no idea why the story of Martha and Mary brings to my mind Gilligan’s Island and the age-old guy’s thing, who would you choose, Ginger or Maryann?

Today’s Gospel reading from Luke 10:38-42 is the story of Martha and Mary. Mary sits at the feet of Jesus listening to his every word and Martha is preparing the meal to serve it. Martha asks Jesus to tell Mary to help and Jesus says … “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.”

I am both Martha and Mary and probably a little of Ginger and Maryann. When I am Mary though, I am more at peace and my life makes more sense. I choose Mary. Have a blessed Sunday!

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Mike Burke; Sunday, July 17, 2016
Martha or Mary? Ginger or Mary Ann?

9 thoughts on “Martha or Mary? Ginger or Mary Ann?

  1. I know what you mean, Mike. I guess we are each a little of all of them, depending on the situation. A priest in my parish years ago, while giving a homily on this Gospel, joked that he wondered how Jesus would have felt if there had been no meal prepared for his visit! I always thought that, too, and felt sorry for Martha, who was just trying to be hospitable. But of course I understand that what Jesus was urging was balance, putting God first, but I’m sure He doesn’t want me to stop cooking meals and cleaning my house (unfortunately)! Lol.

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    1. I read a reflection today from Msgr. Charles Pope which was filled with a different perspective starting with Jesus never asked for a meal and basically it started with anxiety. Maybe if they both would have sat at his feet and listened, the proper time for service would have come just like for us. Thanks Gloria!

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