Whoever Has Ears Ought To Hear


I read the Word of God every day. I reflect on it every day. Do I really listen to what God is saying to me every day? With scripture, I think I should be able to read the same passage every day and if I listen, God will speak to me right where I am in my life at that moment. Sometimes it is easy for me to read and take the “I already know the story” attitude without seeking the understanding. That is not listening but more of pride.

Today, God’s message to me is to listen. I enjoy telling you what I hear so I should enjoy even more listening to what God wants me to hear and share. I think I have been doing pretty well but I am prompted in the Spirit to listen so I will pray for that listening grace and see where it takes me in these scripture reflections.

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Mike Burke; Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Whoever Has Ears Ought To Hear

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