“How Precious Is Your Mercy, O God!” From Psalm 36


I seem to write about God’s mercy a lot. My blogging picture is the Divine Mercy Image. Today is my 43rd Wedding Anniversary. It will be like any other day for my wife and I. My story in a nutshell was that my wife and I were high school sweethearts. A little less than 10 years into our marriage, I bought into the world and it’s lies and was unfaithful. I was found out and still lied about the extent of my unfaithfulness.

My wife and I went on a Marriage Encounter Retreat. Jesus found me, a non-baptized, non-believing man on that weekend and I have been his for 30 plus years. Our relationship in Christ brought us and our children into light and our marriage and family blossomed. We became involved in helping other marriages with retreats and talks. One topic we discussed was problem marriages. I wrote about my unfaithfulness from the distant past but it was some fresh news for my beloved because of the lies I mentioned before.

Since then, we have been broken. It is a long process. I consider it redemptive suffering for me. I still see it as a journey of hope and I believe God has His love and mercy all over our brokenness. God is good. He will make good out of every situation in His time. I will be patient and trust completely in His love and mercy.

Men, what I did for a moment of self-gratification, was the biggest mistake I ever made. It is not because I have to suffer the pain of a broken marriage, but it is because I hurt the person I love so deeply. She has always been faithful to me and considered me her best friend and trustworthy lover for life. To betray her and God, even though I did not know my Lord at the time, is very painful. If I could look any man in the eye who is having an affair, I would beg you to stop, repent and go back fully to the Sacrament you committed to for life.

I am sure that we are all going through challenges in our life. Today would be a great reminder for all of us of how precious God’s mercy and love is. There is no greater love. Thanks be to God. Amen.

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Mike Burke; Thursday, July 21, 2016
“How Precious Is Your Mercy, O God!” From Psalm 36

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