Those Who Sow In Tears Shall Reap Rejoicing


The response of Psalm 126 today is “Those who sow in tears shall reap rejoicing.” The Psalm was written for a specific event in biblical history but it took on a different meaning for me. I am still a lover of sports and enjoy, when I am given the opportunity, watching and following my favorite teams and sports.

Sunday evening, I am celebrating with family some birthdays at a restaurant. On my left, the Dodgers/Cardinals baseball game and on my right, the USA/China Olympic preparation basketball game. Now before I am criticized for watching the games and not focusing on family, I will honestly tell you that the family was first and I did some homework after dinner.

A young man, Mike Mayer, was making his major league debut for the Cardinals on national TV before his home crowd and family that were there. The cameras focused on his family and their excitement and nerves, as Mike was ready to pitch. The first 3 batters got on base and the fourth batter hit a grand slam. Before the inning was over, he had given up 6 runs. In the second inning he gave up 3 more runs and was taken out giving up 9 runs in less than 2 innings.

I am a Dodger fan and I felt so bad for this young man, his family and friends who came to see him. My wife said, “He will get over it.” She is so right. He was doing a great job in the minors and I think he will go back and work even harder. When he comes back up, he will have more experience and a better understanding of what to expect. Hopefully, what he sowed in tears will allow him some joy next time around.

China lost to the USA tonight by 49 points. They do not have the talent that our USA team has and they struggled. I actually felt bad for them. The USA did not let up. I know they are preparing for the Olympics and want to make a statement, but it was hard for me to watch China struggle. Sometimes it gets me thinking that when you are the so-called best in the world like the USA, be careful because maybe others who are working very hard to beat the best may just end up rejoicing.

Not a very good scripture reflection tonight but I just wanted to share a little of what I witnessed. May God in His mercy, bring us all one day into great rejoicing with Him forever. Amen.

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Mike Burke; Monday, July 25, 2016
Those Who Sow In Tears Shall Reap Rejoicing

3 thoughts on “Those Who Sow In Tears Shall Reap Rejoicing

  1. The True Light! says:

    Nice post! Maybe the next time the young man pitches a game, he’ll be better for the experience. Maybe when we “lose a game” in the battle for souls, we will be better prepared as well…Thanks for the visit and following!


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