Multiplication of Blessings


It is about 1am as I write. Two of my grandkids are staying with us for the next three days. Thank you Lord, a great blessing. It was 10:30pm and past their bedtime but papa wanted them to have a fun evening before sleeping. I pull out my laptop and make some funny JibJab videos with their headshots on them. We laughed much. I thought it might be funny to put their mom and dad in a zombie spoof. I know, what was I thinking? When the first zombie showed up, my 6-year-old grandson, whose parents allow him to play zombie games, hid his face. I turned off the JibJab and said time for bed.

Well, he started crying. He was scared and wanted to sleep next to me. No problem, except he would not stop crying. He now wanted to go home. I tried to reason with the 6-year-old and that did not work. I held him and hugged him and that did not work. I tried my old coaching approach to toughen up and be a big boy that there is nothing to be afraid of in my stern voice. He cried even more, looked at me and vomited. It was on me, the bed and as I carried him to the restroom, it was everywhere. It was a big mess. Then there was clean up time and the laundry is chugging away. Unfortunately, I needed help and my wife, who has to go to work early tomorrow, awoke to calm things down and helped with everything! When all was calm and the bed had clean sheets, he is sound to sleep in his own bed. My 9-year-old granddaughter talked to him and comforted him and he went to sleep while we were taking care of clean up. I can learn a lot about love from my granddaughter.

I will chalk this up to another experience to share at family gatherings, God willing, as our lives go on. The Gospel from Matthew 14:13-21 today was about Jesus multiplying the loaves and the fish to feed 5000 men, not including women and children. I smile at that as there were probably many more than 5000 fed with 2 fish and 5 loaves or the women and the children did not get to eat! I think I know Jesus better than that and I am sure that everyone had their fill. As God multiplies the blessings for the hungry people, he has multiplied my blessings. He has shown me that I still have much work to learn how to love in difficult situations. I did not do that well and look forward for the opportunity to love my grandkids when the morning arrives. Hopefully, a lesson learned. Praise the Lord!

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Mike Burke; Monday, August 1, 2016
Multiplication of Blessings

5 thoughts on “Multiplication of Blessings

  1. The True Light! says:

    Don’t feel bad about the grand kids. We who are lucky enough to have them all have stories to tell which are much alike. Funny how they can parallel some of the events we had with our own kids, yet feel different when they happen to us as grandparents!


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    1. I asked her. She said he wanted his mom. She asked him who gave birth to mommy. He said Nana & Papa. She said if mommy is brave, Nana & Papa are twice as brave. TheHe said ok. She reminded him it was not real and he was calmer and fell asleep. I guess a 6-year-old logic with a touch of love and compassion.

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