Carry On Jesus

I just came home from a long, 7-hour music rehearsal. It is always great to get together with my group SIGN, Singing In God’s Name. We are preparing for Mass next week and our church Harvest Festival at the beginning of October. We were putting in some new material and going over many of our original and contemporary Christian cover songs.

As I sit here to write, I know how blessed I am and how unworthy I am. I have read tomorrow’s readings and all I can think about is my unworthiness, my sins and all the suffering I personally have caused Jesus. He suffered all the way to the cross for me and I thank Him by continuing to be the sinful person I am. Sometimes my attitude is so bad and I must beg for his mercy.

So no reflection. Just sharing a song I wrote and sang with my group for our Living Stations on Good Friday. You can tell I am old because of my 1950’s style of music. It is called Carry On Jesus which He did just for me, an unworthy sinner, that He loves so much that He died for me. Thank you Jesus.

Mike Burke; Monday, August 22, 2016
Carry On Jesus

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