Keep It Simple, Choose To Love


   What is too sublime for you, seek not, into things beyond your strength search not.                 Sirach 3:21

I have just been reading this over and over from Sirach. What God tells me not to do is something I try to do too often and it complicates my life. Sometimes I want to know more than I need to know and the pursuit is frustrating. There are times I want to fix, control or manipulate situations. I want to guide the situation to my conclusion thinking it will be good for me and for all.

Why can I not trust God in every situation? I think because I want to find ways to avoid the pain, confrontation, the failure and the humility I need to learn to love and be more like Jesus. If so and so can do it, I should be able to do it. But what if it is beyond my strength? I have been given gifts to use to glorify God. I do not need to seek the gifts of others to glorify God. My competitive nature can get me in trouble and I fight with God’s will and the humility He desires from me.

I have recently noticed an attitude that I am carrying. Others may not notice it but interiorly, it is like a recording on replay that just keeps on keeping on. The judgments I formulate are not from God and have no place in His Kingdom but they just keep coming to mind. Recently with work and personal issues, my crosses seem a bit heavy. As much as I love and trust the Lord, I continue to try to handle them my way. Until I realize that these issues are “too sublime” for me and “beyond my strength”, I will not be at peace. If I believe that my strength is in the Lord, then simply, I will choose to love as Jesus loves. I look forward to another fresh start today. Thank you Jesus.

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Mike Burke; Sunday, August 28, 2016
Keep It Simple, Choose To Love

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