Knowing My Heart


Psalm 37:4 jumped out at me today. I was praying before reading scripture and was reminded that God’s Word is a love letter to me. Even His tough and challenging words are given to me because He loves me. So back to the Psalm, it says “take delight in the Lord and He will grant you your heart’s requests.”

Do I really know my own heart? If I delight in the Lord, and I think I do, I would have to know my heart and its requests. I wonder what would be some requests or desires of my heart. I can easily tell you about requests or desires of my mind but of the heart, that is another story. Two things come to mind. First, is to love and second is to be loved. Come to think about it, I love the Lord and He loves me. That should be enough but it is not for me. Why? Probably because I lack in really taking delight in the Lord. I must keep working on it and asking for His grace to do it. He promised and He is faithful.

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Mike Burke; Friday, September 2, 2016
Knowing My Heart

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