Believing Holy Scripture


In the world I live in today, I believe it conflicts often with the message of Holy Scripture. St. Paul writes today in his first letter to the Corinthians 5:1-8 that it has been reported to him that there is immorality among the Corinthians. I wonder if a bishop, pastor, priest or minister wrote a letter concerning immorality, to be read among the people of God in our churches today, would we be open to listening and adhering to the message? The first thing that came to my mind is the common response I hear so often, do not judge me.

That seems to be what society today leans on. Scripture tells us not to judge lest we be judged. Scripture also tells us to admonish the sinner. We hear what we want to hear and reject what goes against what we do not like. If I am living in sin, my human nature would tell you to mind your own business and do not judge me. We will also add that God is merciful. Yes, He is and he is willing to forgive our sins, drowning each and every one of them in His ocean of mercy. But, He does ask us to sincerely repent of our sins. Do you remember the woman caught in adultery, when Jesus asks her has anyone condemned you? When she tells him no, He tells her neither do I, your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more. A lot of times we forget that last part. We hear the mercy of God but ignore the repentance.

Some of what is immoral in Holy Scripture is now accepted as normal in our lives. I think we have watered down much of what Jesus and the inspired Word of God has clearly taught us. I am guilty of that. When I choose to sin, I want to justify to myself that it is not that bad or even compare myself to others that I think are doing the same or maybe even worse in my opinion. That is a sin in itself and I just heap on more darkness in my life. If I could make any point today, it would be that if Holy Scripture says something is immoral, we ought to believe it and do what we can to avoid it.

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Mike Burke; Monday, September 5, 2016
Believing Holy Scripture

5 thoughts on “Believing Holy Scripture

  1. You are so right here Mike. The church has compromised its position on many moral issues and as a result we are becoming an immoral Nation. The only way we can take our nation back is if the church will follow 2nd Chronicles 7:14. And we better start soon!

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  2. Yes, today is the age of moral relativism. The age of “Do what you feel.” I often feel so entitled to revel in my selfishness and feed my prideful anger. Unfortunately, the behavior of those commanding the spotlight makes it easy for me to hide my sin. I am like the car that drives just a bit slower than the speeding frontrunner. I pray that God gives me a heart for Him and His work and crucifies my pitiful agendas. Thanks for keeping it real Mike B.

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  3. I absolutely agree with you! Nowadays a bottle of Poland Spring is less watered down then Holy Scripture. It is definitely important that we are careful not to do it with ourselves or with others, and that we approach those living in sin correctly. Love this post brother

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  4. You’re right, Mike. Also, I think that so many people confuse judging a person’s ACTIONS with judging the PERSON and his/her SOUL. If we never judged other people’s actions, we would have chaos — no laws, no order, no morality at all. We need to be able to separate behavior as acceptable and unacceptable, and that which is unacceptable needs to be addressed and there need to be consequences to these actions. This is not the same as hating the person or deciding what will happen to their soul — that judgment belongs to God alone.

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