Glorify The Lord


As I prepare this Monday for another week of service at work, I have been playing and singing praises and glory to God all weekend. I am thankful for the blessings of my weekend. With 9/11, I am reminded that our lives are very precious and we do not know the day or the hour that our lives here on earth will end. In the readings for today, I came upon Psalm 40:17, which I think is an awesome prayer for me as I reflect tonight…

May all who seek you exult and be glad in you. And may those who love your salvation say ever, “The LORD be glorified.”

I thank God for the gift of music that He has given me. My group plays and sings for the glory of God. We were blessed this past weekend to praise Him in song. And, there is another song I will be singing today to thank Him and praise Him for my daughter Andrea, who was born 38 years ago on this special day. She is one of the many unbelievable blessings in my life!

I love you Lord. Glory be to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit! Amen.

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Mike Burke; Monday, September 12, 2016
Glorify The Lord

2 thoughts on “Glorify The Lord

  1. Happy Birthday and wishing many blessings for your daughter. The only thing good about 9-11-01 was the way our country was so united for a while afterwards. I’d like to know what the heck happened since then, as we seem more divided than ever.

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