Glory & Praise To Our God


After reading today’s scripture passages from Luke and Job, what comes to mind is how important it is to give glory and praise to God constantly and to deepen my personal relationship with Him. There is nothing I can do better than to love my Lord, and for His glory and praise, love everyone He places in my life.

Job did it even amidst all of his suffering. Jesus did it for His Father. The disciples of Jesus, returning from their mission, rejoiced and gave glory and praise to God. He deserves all my thanksgiving and praise. I think if people throughout the whole world, would take a moment, just a moment daily to give thanks, praise and glory to God, we would see a great conversion from the evils of darkness to the light of Christ in love for God and neighbor. Amen.

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Mike Burke; Saturday, October 1, 2016
Glory & Praise To Our God

5 thoughts on “Glory & Praise To Our God

  1. Just a thought on the title of your post. “Our God” – if there is but one God, then the use of the word “our” is unnecessary and inappropriate as God is not the property of any one religion or people.

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    1. I appreciate your comment. Cannot understand why it would be inappropriate. I sing Our God is an Awesome God, How Great is Our God and would it be inappropriate to say Our Father who art in Heaven since He is God of all? My writing has not made this about my religion or your religion but only to share my love for the Lord and my faith as a Catholic man.


      1. SR says:

        Oh brother! I have seen it all now! LOL!!! If this is the case then David and myself are in a lot of trouble and so are many in the Bible. The words “our,” “my” “their” God is used all through the Psalms and many other places in the Bible. It is true “God is not the property of any religion or people.” In saying the words “our,” “my,” “their,” God, is not showing possession of God, but a statement with these words that we are letting others know God is indeed the God to whom we give all glory, honor, worship, and praise. It is not to make Him our own personal property.

        If David and myself got/get a demerit every single time any of these words were/are used, then he and I did/do not have a chance. I use these words all the time, (in private and public) because I want God to know I have chosen Him as my Lord, not something/someone I own. One of my prayers is, “You are my God and I need some help.” This is placing God in the proper place in my life, as “God of my life.” So it was with David and many others in the Bible. Just food for thought here. God Bless, SR

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