Thanking God


The scripture readings today bring to mind the importance of giving thanks to God. In the first reading from 2Kings 5:14-17, Naaman, who had leprosy, was told by the prophet Elisha to go and plunge in the Jordan River seven times. Naaman was perplexed by this command thinking that there are better ways to be healed rather than plunging into a dirty old river. But when he finally did, he was completely cured of his leprosy. He went back to Elisha to present him with gifts but Elisha refused. Why? Because this healing was not caused by Elisha, but all thanksgiving, glory and praise goes to God.

Leprosy and thanksgiving continues in the Gospel reading from Luke 17:11-19. There were ten lepers who wanted to be cured. Jesus tells them to go and show themselves to the priest. They go and on the way, they all are completely cured of their leprosy. One of the former lepers, a Samaritan, returns to give thanks to Jesus. I am sure the other nine were also grateful but as our priest, Fr. Joseph, suggested in the homily, they did not know who to give thanks to.

The message for me today is that God is to be given thanks, glory and praise for every gift and blessing. We thank people daily in our lives for helping us in some way, which is good, but ultimately, the thanksgiving belongs to God. I thank many for the great blog posts I read, which is good, but ultimately, the glory goes to God through the power of the Holy Spirit. And when I am thanked for doing something good for someone, I hope I can be more like the prophet Elisha and give thanksgiving to whom it truly belongs. Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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Mike Burke; Sunday, October 9, 2016
Thanking God

3 thoughts on “Thanking God

  1. SR says:

    You are so spot on, with this post and actually confirmed a thought I had yesterday. I was thinking also how I always “thank those around me for their helpfulness and kindness.” As well I should, but I also need to give the ultimate thanks, glory, and praise to God, for bringing them and their help into my life. I will admit, sometimes that is not the case, but trying to be more aware of that failing within myself now. Good post as always. God Bless, SR

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  2. I am especially aware of these readings b/c I had to study and practice them for my lector assignment last Saturday night. It’s true how often people forget to express gratitude. I was reminded of the reading about the 10 lepers while putting together the weekly prayer list for my internet prayer line. We had all been praying about Hurricane Matthew, and I had received prayer requests from people who were in its direct path. Yet, after it was over and much of the targeted area had been graciously spared b/c the hurricane moved a bit further east, only one person actually sent me an email to post in the “Thanksgiving” section of the prayer list, thanking and praising God that they had been spared a major catastrophe. Of course I’m sure many of the others had thanked God privately, but I couldn’t help but think of the one leper who had returned to thank Jesus and He asked, “Where are the other nine?”

    One thing I have worked hard on doing over the past 25 years is always remembering to thank God for things I’ve prayed for that were granted and my other blessings, which are many more than I deserve, I know. What I still struggle with, however, is thanking and praising God when things are NOT going well, when it seems that my prayers are going unanswered. I will keep trying, however, to get better about this!

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