Raising Up The Lowly


I was reading today’s Gospel from Luke 11:29-32, which talks about condemnation of people who will not repent. Jesus tells us … “This generation is an evil generation.” I can look at the world today and see it very clearly. Sometimes, I can look in the mirror and see it clearly as well.  But I was actually uplifted by the message of repentance as well as the Responsorial Psalm 113 which tells me … “He raises up the lowly from the dust; from the dunghill he lifts up the poor.”

You see, as I laid down my head to rest last night, I felt like a had fallen into a dunghill. Yesterday, I had a complete day to myself to do whatever I want. My days have been filled with work and many other opportunities to serve. When I have time to myself like I did yesterday, I am not always happy with the choices I make. I take on a selfish attitude where I, and my desires, become more important to me. I will leave it at that and try to practice and accept what I always seem to write … “Our God is a merciful God.” Being humbled and repenting is a good thing. Lord have mercy on me a sinner. Amen.

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Mike Burke; Monday, October 10, 2016
Raising Up The Lowly

3 thoughts on “Raising Up The Lowly

  1. SR says:

    You know my husband and I begin staying at home (if we can) on Sunday’s. I cut off my home phone, but leave my cell on in case family members need something, as my friends do not have my cell number. I cannot stand a phone going off 24/7. We rest, maybe play a game, watch movies, read, etc… What it has done for our lives facing Monday has been remarkable. There is absolutely no work done on Sunday’s. No washing, floors, nothing! The only thing we do is I cook a brunch breakfast, then we snack around the rest of the day on left overs. Of course those dishes are done.

    It has been life changing and I thank God every Sunday for His day of rest. Someone once told me, “Sunday is God’s day.” That really hit home with me. So I try to make it “His Day.” I have always gone to Mass on Saturday night, so that makes it easier also.

    I do not think it hurts us to slow down and be bored for a day! Sometimes boredom is good for us. Great post and God Bless, SR

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  2. It’s wonderful to “have a day to yourself,” and it’s necessary to our mental and physical health. It’s nothing to feel guilty about if every once in a while you’re a bit “selfish” and pamper yourself. I think as long as we are not sinning or hurting other people, we all deserve a day sometimes when we indulge ourselves just a little bit.

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